What is the disposal ban of electronics?
What the law says
Oregon’s 2007 Electronics Recycling Law adds
CEDs to the list of products banned from
disposal in Oregon:

ORS 459.247(1): No person shall dispose of
and no disposal site operator shall knowingly
accept for disposal the following types of solid
waste at a solid waste disposal site: … (f)
covered electronic devices.

“ Covered electronic devices” are defined in ORS
459A.305(3) to include computer, monitors and

What items are covered under the Oregon E-Cycles program?
FREE recycling of desktop and portable (laptop) computers, monitors and whole televisions.

What items are NOT covered under the Oregon E-Cycles program?
Electronic devices, such as cellular phones, fax machines, printers, mice, keyboards and other peripherals, including appliances.

Who can recycle their electronics under the Oregon E-Cycles program?
Households, small organizations with ten or fewer employees, and anyone else delivering seven or fewer covered electronic devices to a collection center at any one time for free.

What is the purpose of the disposal ban on electronics?
Electronics contain toxics such as lead, cadmium and mercury that even in small amounts can harm our health and pollute our environment. E-cycling your computers, monitors and televisions through Oregon E-Cycles keeps these toxics out of our environment. If your unwanted electronics are still working, you may want to consider donating your items to a charity or other organizations that may not be able to afford new equipment.

What are the penalties for throwing electronics in the garbage?
“After the ban, throwing away these items will be illegal,” says Kathy Kiwala, Oregon E-Cycles Project Lead. “Anyone knowingly violating the ban may face penalties up to $500 per item. With Oregon’s convenient recycling system for electronic waste, it should be easy to keep it out of the trash.”

Oregon E-Cycles Program Collection Sites near Hillsboro

Computer Drive Connection - Cornelius
909 N Fremont •(503) 992-018

Far West Recycling - Hillsboro
6440 SE Alexander Street •(503) 643-9944

Forest Grove Transfer Station
1525 B Street •(503) 992-3015

Goodwill Stores
966 SE Oak Street •(503) 648-5113
Hillsboro Airport Marketplace
891 NE 25th Avenue •(503) 233-6589
Hillsboro Westside Outlet
2920 SW 234th Avenue •(503) 233-6589
20225 SW Tualatin Valley Highway •
(503) 233-6589
Hillsboro - Bronson Creek Donation Express
18638 NW Eider Court •(503) 233-6589
Hillsboro - Baseline Store
775 SW 185th Avenue •(503) 906-7350

Hillsboro Landfill
3205 SE Minter Bridge Road •(503) 640-9427

To find additional Oregon E-Cycle locations in Oregon, visit:


or call 1.888.532.9253